Welcome to the story of "Red Moon", a Science fictional tale inspired by the Book of Revelation from The Bible.

What is Red Moon?

"Red Moon" is the title of a graphic novel series by creator, writer and artist RebeccaDell(that's me!). It has been released with a web comic exposition in mind, and with a dutiful diligence to my Faith while enjoying the stylized liberties of a fictional comic art piece. With inspirations such as C.S. Lewis in his "Chronicles of Naria" series and many other creative authors and artists, "Red Moon" seeks to bring truth through creative literary and visual means.

Where should I start?

Start by reading the First comic of the series, which begins with "Book 1: Book of Beginnings". This choice for 'chapter' name theme was of course borrowed from the series of letters in the Bible referred to as 'books of the Bible'. 

How can I be involved?

It was my heartfelt desire to make "Red Moon" so much more than just a visual and literary experience. I wanted to build communion and conversation, and to do that I needed a place people could feel involved in. There is a forum system in place for "Red Moon" readers to be able to connect with myself and others. It is my hope that something as small as one girl taking God's given gift to glorify him with becomes a jump off point for bigger things. Bigger things just might mean building a home for people to really talk about themselves and what drew them here in the first place.

Thank you & God Bless you.

At the very least if you've read this far, or taken the time to read this comic, thank you! It means the world to me that you have. I'm one girl with many dreams, and through this website and people like yourself I am able to finally stop talking about what I feel I should do, and start doing it. Thank you for sharing in this dream with me.